Wednesday, 27 July 2016

basscoast 2016 popupshop

handmade wooden tent, painted with iron oxide and brass dust/organic linseed oil paints

handmade wooden rack painted with iron oxide/organic linseed oil paint
antique english tatted linen dragon lace - I bought this from the daughter of the woman who bought this lace in england over 100 years ago. The dragons remind me of chinese dragons which causes me to wonder if this lace was inspired by the 'orientalism' that was in fashion in the early 1900's in england. typing the word orientalism into the dictionary on my computer comes up with this: "the representation of Asia in a stereotyped way that is regarded as embodying a colonist attitude." I like this description as I find that this lace invokes deeper thought of its origins as well as of the social climate in which it was made. i like that it is so old and that I have a bit of a story from where I got it and where it came from. it is in remarkable condition for being over a 100 years old. as a fan of dragons, of old things with a story and of lace...this piece really spoke to me (notice the collection of gemstones these antique dragons are presiding over!)

arashi shibori hemp/organic cotton jersey scarf dyed with dyes from trees and iron ~naturally dyed granny lace vest w/brass buttons ~hemp and organic cotton stretch pencil skirt dyed with trees and iron ~ hypersthene pendant on iron oxide/beeswaxed hemp twine
arashi shibori is a type of shibori which is the japanese art of tying or stitching and dyeing fabric to create patterns of varying complexity. 'arashi' means rainstorm in reference to its diagonal pattern. arashi shibori hemp/OGcotton jersey scarf - dyed with trees and iron ~naturally dyed granny lace vest w/brass buttons ~hypersthene pendant on iron oxide/linseed oil/beeswaxed hemp twine

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