Thursday, 10 October 2013

sneak peak from the upcoming collection ~ with natural dyes, magic stones and feathers found in nature~

felted merino wool flower dyed with Madder and Natural Indigo, leaves made with felted black merino sheep's wool and needle felted with Tussah silk. Tussah silk is a type of wild silk..made from discarded cocoons found in the wild. The feathers are from a Barred Owl....found in nature by me. Its hard to see in this photo..but the flower is attached to a vintage foil ribbon.

painting on Ahimsa silk jersey 

dyepot with lac in it...
'Lac is a red dye extract from the scale insect Laccifer lacca which is found throughout India, south east Asia, Nepal, Burma, Bhutan and south China. It is found both in the wild and cultivated. The female lac insects invade host trees (mainly fig and acacia) and the insect secretes a resin that contains the red dye. When harvested, the resin is taken off the branches and is known as stick lac. The resin is also used to make shellac. The dye must be extracted from the resin before it can be used to colour cloth'..information from Maiwa 

there is more fabric in my fridge than food!  after mordanting the fabric to get it ready to receive dyes...I let it cure in my fridge for a period of a week or more. 

custom paints made with natural dyes and gum tragacanth

painted with natural dyes on bamboo fleece

'luminosa mariposa' ..painted with natural dyes (lac, quebracho and logwood) using hand drawn and hand cut butterfly stencils on Ahimsa silk jersey

vintage lace crocheted by my nana...dyed by me with pomegranate rinds

This collection started about a year ago when I started to collect fabrics such as wild silks, merino wool, organic cotton and vintage laces with the intention of making a collection with all naturally dyed and painted fabrics. Since then I have been putting it together bit by times standing over the dyepot stirring, at other times sitting at my sewing machine. Sometimes after hours of preparing and dyeing a piece of fabric it would come out as I had wished...and the feeling would be deeply rewarding. Other times, it would come out totally unexpected..which would alter the direction of any plans I may have had for that fabric. This process has meant that I have not been totally in control of the designs you will see...I would have a grand idea for a specific design on a certain fabric in a certain colour, and one botched dye job would change all of that! Though I must say there have also been some happy accidents. Many hours have gone into the colours you will see in this collection and I look forward to sharing with you the results of my labours spanning over this past year.

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